Everything You Need to Know About Shopping

Everything You Need to Know About Shopping

Sheepskin Boots: Maintenance and Care Guidelines for Prolonged Service

by Mary Jenkins

Sheepskin is a natural material, and it is often used to make luxurious boots, like Ugg boots. Typically, these lavish products are fabricated using full-grained leather from the skin. However, unlike other leather shoes, the fleece is left intact to ensure extravagant comfort. Sheepskin boots are quite durable, and they will remain attractive during their service life. Nevertheless, if they are neglected, the leather will deteriorate, and the fleece will lose its beautiful texture. Therefore, if you would like to prolong the lifespan of your boots and preserve the appeal of the sheepskin, consider using these practical but straightforward maintenance and care guidelines.

Treat the Boots with Repellent

When you purchase your sheepskin boots, you should resist the urge to wear them as soon as they are out of the box. Their soft surface is vulnerable to damage from water and general spills. If you pour some staining liquid on them by accident, their beauty will be compromised. Therefore, you should treat the leather with a repellent sheepskin protector. This special fluid will protect against water and stains. Protector products can be acquired from manufacturers and suppliers of sheepskin boots. For the best results, you should spray the repellent on the leather and then allow time for natural drying before wearing them.

Choose Proper Storage Space

Proper storage of your sheepskin boots will ensure that the products have a long service life. Ideally, you should choose a storage space in your home with a cool and dry environment. Hot places or areas in direct sunlight are not suitable. The high temperature will dry out the leather and increase the brittleness of the boots. Ultimately, you might notice cracking due to the stress. You should also avoid placing the shoes in plastic bags or airtight containers. Leather materials need to breathe to prevent degradation. If you must put the products in a bag, you should use a standard fabric bag.

Clean the Sheepskin with Care

You should clean the sheepskin boots on a regular basis. Normally, the shoes will gather a layer of dirt and dust on the surface. If the particles are left on the leather, they will damage the appearance of the product. For the best results, you should dampen your boots with a wet sponge. Next, obtain some commercial cleaner and conditioner, and use the wet sponge for application and cleaning. Once you are done, use a clean, damp sponge to wipe off the residue. Finally, allow the boots to dry, and then treat them with repellent. 


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Everything You Need to Know About Shopping

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